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While many schools that serve students with disabilities are designed with a “one size fits all” approach, at Colmena we support the principles and values of universal design in education (UDE). Colmena staff seek to make all aspects of the educational experience more inclusive for all students. Colmena’s approach to universal design for learning includes:

Differentiated Curriculum

Differentiated curriculum implementing the common core standards and alternative standards, adapted to the instructional level and learning style of each student, whether struggling to access fundacional components or achieving years ahead of their grade level.

Functional Communication

Functional communication support including a language enriched educational environment where students are spoken to with respect and are taught to access alternative communication modalities to allow them to reciprocate language.

Integrated and embedded sensory supports

Integrated and embedded sensory supports with instruction to teach students how to accept and provide sensory support necessary for them to have functional movement and a calm body in their everyday lives.

Our services

Communication Training

One on one or group services are available for individuals of any age who are learning alternate modes of communication. We are located in Mission Valley, City of San Diego, CA. Trips to other locations may be planned upon request.


We are the licensed provider for SpecialFit exercise programs in San Diego.


Some of the most difficult things in your journey will be the most simple. Whether you need help finding the perfect allergen/ingredient free recipe for your child’s next cupcake, learning about different learning programs, or learning how to teach your child a helping hand will make your travels lighter. Through mentoring I have the opportunity to share with you what I have learned through my journey as well as what I have learned from other parents like you searching for the right path for their child. I look forward to becoming a part of your journey.

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Happy clients

We chose Celina, first of all, because she speaks Spanish. When we saw her do RPM with our son we knew we had made the right choice, not only was it a matter of language, it was the experience she has with RPM and the control she had during the defiant situations that arose with my child with Autism. Celina is highly trained and is very professional in her work. She has talent, creativity and a great imagination when interacting with children. I wish I could take her home with me!
Lupita A.
We obtained B.E.E's services to train our son's aide i RPM at school and our experience has been nothing short of outstanding! Our family cannot begin to thank Celina and the B.E.E staff for their professionalism, their knowledge of RPM, implementation of RPM and their sincere desire to help our son. We were blessed to have Soma Muhkopadyah, creator of RPM, personally teach our son, Andrew, how to communicate by using her method. It is thanks to Soma and RPM, that our son discovered his voice and allowed our family to discover what we felt all along...that we had an intelligent, caring and sensitive child with a great sense of humor hidden beneath his autism. Until we met Celina, we had not encountered another person besides Soma herself that could immediately and fluently communicate with Andrew in his language of RPM the way she did! Celina is kind, patient, and has a true gift in her ability to execute RPM. We are so happy to be working with her so that together with our family, we can help Andrew achieve his personal and academic goals. Thank you Celina!
The Duncan Family
The Duncan Family
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