Open Thank You To Dr. Jenny Palmiotto

Dear Jenny,
I have no words to describe the way in which you have impacted my life and my journey. So many things have turned out amazing thanks to you.  I am so grateful to you for all the opportunities you have brought to my life.  Your support and your belief in my abilities have made my life easier. I am forever in debt.    A new activist was born the moment you allowed me to take the stage. Each day you bring peace to my life through your company.
I am forever in debt, I am forever grateful.
You believe in the competence of others and the kindness you share makes the life of those around you a towering balloon of hope and grit.  
The day I took the stage I was nervous and anxious. my body was failing me and I felt out of control.  You gently encouraged me to take the stage and gave me the valor I needed.  You are a light in my path and wind in my sail. Together with my parents, you take me to calm waters.
I am forever in debt and forever grateful. 

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