Decibels of Love

I have hyperacusis a condition that makes me particularly sensitive to noise.  I am a life-long hyper acoustic individual.  In many ways, noise is my pleasure and my nemesis.  I wish I could explain it but it is hard to do so when I do not know another way of hearing. 
Am I alone in this?  I know I am not.  I am a friend of many who, like me, benefit from noise-cancelling headphones.
I am a successful user of BOSE noise-cancelling headphones. I am a clear beneficiary of their technology.  They allow me to participate freely in all of life’s noisy glory.  I am not an anti-social person.  I am a social butterfly who must overcome many things to be part of the group.  Some days all it takes is a pair of noise-cancelling headphone from BOSE; a magic solution to environmental sound pollution.
I am now a new big brother, my dream has come true; a new baby to share my life and love with.

I still have hyperacusis and babies still cry, but this is a cry I want to be near to.  I want to console him and make him happy not just love him when he is quiet.  Caring for him does not need to imply physical pain for me.  A pair of headphones a squeaky toy and all I experience are decibels of love.

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