Zucchini boats and the start of this year’s cooking class!

The first week of school also brought us our first cooking class of the year. This is how Ms. Elsita started this year’s cooking class! We have to acknowledge the loving support we get from her husband who always captivates us with his Google Classroom posts!

“Happy New School Year!

We have an exciting menu that we will be working on this semester, featuring some new dishes, as well as some old favorites. We will be focusing on building on the skills that we have learned over the past year, as well as introducing some new techniques.

Today’s dish is a favorite of mine that I discovered years ago, and have enjoyed making at home for myself and my family. We will be making stuffed zucchinis air-fried, and filled with picadillo (a mix of ground beef, corn, onions, and peppers).”

I believe no zucchini boats survived long enough to be photographed, they were very tasty and satisfying. Everyone knows not to bring lunch when Ms. Elsita is at Colmena! Here is a photo from the internet to make you hungry:

Photo credit: https://fitfoodiefinds.com/stuffed-zucchini-recipe/

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