At Colmena Academy we recognize the value of the contributions our students can make to society, the need for life experience in our community, the benefit of listening to first hand accounts about  life  in the workplace and the opportunity to learn the skills needed to navigate a school campus. 

Colmena Academy offers its students: 

WORK & INTERNSHIPS:  Each student may choose a position from our job and internship board. Paid positions are available.

VOLUNTEER FIELD TRIPS:  Our students have the opportunity to volunteer at organizations in our community. Attendance letters documenting participation in an activity are available for students and may be used towards their college application resume. 

ENRICHMENT FIELD TRIPS: Museums, factories, Sporting, Cultural and other sites are explored during our enrichment field trips. 

SPEAKER VISITS: Members of our business community visit Colmena Academy and offer their perspective on their field, their personal growth within as professionals and their advice workplace advice.  

INCLUSION FIELD TRIPS: Students may choose to participate in field trips to local schools. 

HOSTING OUR COMMUNITY: Our students become the host when learners from other schools visit Colmena Academy to participate in structured activities.